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What areas do you mainly service ?

We cater to Canberra and Queansbeyan areas.

What are the consequences of hidden leaks ?

Hidden leaks can damage walls, floor and other items in your home. The moisture can build up mold , which can ruit your furniture. So hidden leaks must be attended to as soon as possible. A licensed and professional plumber can help you address this issue.

Why do pipes burst ?

Pipes can burst due to corrosion, water pressure and extreme cold temperatures. We know how to isolate burst pipes and repair them as quickly as possible.

Do you fix roof leaks ?

Yes, we do !

What are causes of corrosion in pipes ?

Pipes corrosion can be caused by water pressure, temperature of water, pH of water and any chemicals in water.

If you have any other questions, please fill our contact form. We will be happy to help.